Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 160: Do it Right

So among the jobs I applied for last Thursday was a gig for a copywriter position for an ad agency that has an outpost here in Gawd's Country.

Today, Tuesday, not even three full business days after I applied, I got the rejection notice.

Now, at this point I'm used to this. And kudos to the agency for at least giving me some notification. I'd say well more than 85 percent of places don't even have the human decency to do that.

However, my credentials in matching up skills needed for this job are completely on the mark. As in, there's no effing way they have a vast field of applicants with more experience. So I'm at least worth an interview, right? Apparently not. But this aggression will not stand, man.

In the rejection notice was this line: "Please continue to review our job postings for positions that peak your interest."

Now, if you're going to blow me off, and blow smoke up my tailpipe saying that you've given my candidacy "careful consideration," then I want you to be so damn on top of your stuff that you don't dismiss me with incorrect word usage! What they meant was "pique," not "peak" my interest. I'm piqued off!

So I decided not to accept being tossed aside in that fashion. I went back and re-applied, and pointed out that they had the wrong word, and that I was the kind of guy who wouldn't make that sort of mistake, and shouldn't that be of value to them? I mean, as an agency with national reach, I'd be humiliated if I submitted something to a client that had that sort of amateur mistake in it.

Maybe it will wake them up. At the very least, maybe they'll correct the mistake in the next rejection letter I get.


  1. How insulting. I'm sorry, Bruce. These people can go screw themselves.

  2. I weep in disgust and envy of the world's blissful stupidity.