Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 174: Tremors

Weird stuff been happening around here lately: EARTHQUAKES!

I expected this but never really experienced it in SoCal. What does it mean?

* 2012 stuff is unfolding.
* Fracking is fracking dangerous.
* It's a sign from beyond...

I have had a couple of little job tremors, too. A job with local Behemoth has unshaken some back-and-forth via the e-mails; even more hopeful is the NoCal dream job that I applied for with little hope of becoming reality.

I'm a major longshot for that one although I could clearly shine in the role. It's something that not only would allow me to put to the test my ideas about the future of J, but the fact that it would happen in a dream location is not unappreciated.

Again, I'm definitely a dark horse on this one, but so are earthquakes in Gawd's Country.

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