Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 180: Choices

As cheesy as it sounds, attitude is a choice.

Some things could bring me down today. Already I've had some unpleasantness to deal with. I'm going to fight through it.

Our lives are marked by choices big and small. What to have for breakfast. Which way to go to work. What to wear. Where to live. Who to spend time with. What to say.

I'm a pretty accomplished Eeyore when I want to be. I don't want to be. I'm going to look at the positives as much as possible, as long as possible. Examples:

* An old friend and I reconnected over the weekend and put aside some differences. It's cool. I like this person immensely and my life is now a little better.
* I saw some beautiful teamwork at home and elsewhere over the weekend, too. That's a good feeling.
* A beloved family member is on her deathbed, and her imminent passing will leave an awful void in my life. I'm trying to fill that void with memories of the amazing, special times we had that she made possible. She will always live on with me because she did so much to enrich my existence.
* We all want to be liked, but some folks just don't get each other. I've got a few of those people who would love to take me down a peg and who are actually pleased that I've been struggling. That's their right. But I can't worry about that. Some people don't like me, I don't like some people. But I've got too much to do and too much yet to experience to let them drag me down. To the "haterz" -- I hope your lives improve to the point that you get your energy from sunshine, not darkness.

Go love something today.

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