Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day... many: You're killing me


Dream job finally resurfaced. They want to interview me. On the day I'm flying back from looking at places to live in Boston!

So as feared, the dilemma arises. This job would be too good to pass up, truthfully. I was tempted to bag on the last phase, or to just not apply myself. I couldn't willingly blow a good job prospect, though. I just couldn't. I've fought too hard to find something that was good, there was just no way I could be half-assed about it.


OK, so I wrote back asking them if I could do a Skype/remote interview. One thing's for sure, there's just no way I can be in LA on that day.

What do I do?

Well guess what? Problem solved. Just got a callback: We're on for a phoner that day.

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