Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 198: The Rules

We've got new neighbors. So far, things haven't gotten off on the right foot.

Here are some helpful hints when moving into a shared space.

* Communicate.
For example, instead of assuming your neighbors keep similar hours, ask. This is much better than playing your guitar at 3 a.m. and hoping for the best.
This is also helpful when determining property situations. We share a wall with the new tenants. What we don't share are trash receptacles. Unless you plan on dragging our trash can to the weekly curbside pickup point (you're more than welcome to!), don't just fill up our trash.
Similarly, contact the city about a recycling bin. Your trash in our container was full of bottles.

* Draw logical conclusions
When you see me raking leaves from a parking spot, you can presume that I'm doing so because in the two+ years I've lived here, I've kind of adopted it.
We've got space for four cars back here; five if you're accomplished at spatial relations. So, parking your two cars doesn't require a Masters (which at least one of you have) but it does require some degree of care and skill. Develop it. NOTE: Hitting my car as you did yesterday shows you have room for improvement!

* Be considerate
I am grateful you did handle most of the arrangements regarding the collision. Kudos! However, as we noted, the walls here are a bit thin. When you decide to stomp up and down the stairs, we hear it. When you decide to lumber about your apartment arranging things, we hear it. Seeing as how this is your first week, we're going to be cool a bit longer. But soon, let's settle down.
Along the same lines, be mindful. The first neighbor we had here was entertaining with his off-key singing (which, to his credit, he did not attempt at 3 a.m.) but less entertaining with his amorous encounters with a variety of chippies. As Archie Bunker would say, "Stifle!" We hear everything you do.

Oh, one more thing? The wine-bottle opener we loaned you three nights ago and which you pledged to return the following day? Yeah, you may have forgotten but I haven't. It's a little thing, but still important.


Got a bitch about your neighbors? Please share...

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