Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 234: The Smell of Napalm in the Morning

Neighbor update:

A couple of days ago they had the power shut off. It's since come back on. They have left their window shades up on the shared deck; a peek into their domicile reveals three boxes of mac and cheese, the dried remains in a pan on the stove, some more on the floor. Also, an empty container of Hawaiian rolls, a half-eaten container of hummus (left unsealed and congealed), candle wax spilled on the 70-year old wood floors, and of course, the floor is also doubling as either a closet or a dirty-clothes pile. Maybe both.

This morning, the mac and cheese is now tossed outside over the deck rail near the trash receptacles. Or as I am now referring to them, the neighbor receptacles. Also conveniently nearby: several dozen Camel cigarette butts (Camel, chicky? Really?) Oh, and of course, a bouquet of rotting flowers.

Not too happy about it. Especially since we complained to the landlord's property manager the other day.

So bright and early on this fine winter morning, music. Loud music. Very loud music. Good morning!

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