Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 247: Getting Back Up

OK, so yesterday was a down day. I was discouraged.

But that's over. I think one day to wallow every now and then is allowable. But I got a great sleep last night, and woke up today deciding that I couldn't stay down, I had to get back up.

This is the best thing anyone in this position can do. It's completely natural to get a little upset. It's OK to throw a pity party. But even the best parties have to end.

You can't give in to the discouragement. You really do have to pump yourself up and cheerlead yourself back into the game. Yesterday is over... I'm one day closer to the answer. So for that, I must be grateful. And I am grateful that instead of letting yesterday turn into two days or a week, instead it was just a rainy day, and it's over.

C'mon, future: Show me what ya got...

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  1. Agree with most of your points. A recent article posted on Talent Zoo enter digression here: (i must be part of the untalented zoo as I rarely get interviews from jobs posted there) claimed that many people are frustrated with seeking the perfect job--the one that's going to bring all this happiness, and it is wearing jobseekers down trying to attain the unattainable. I think that happens a lot with social media--everyone is either partying all the time, living it up, working hard, playing hard, and it seems that you'll never reach or attain that standard of living. But it isn't real, and it isn't social (mostly) but a way to shout "look at me, my life means something." For others, it's just an easy way to share their lives. For me, all this social media leaves me wanting for real connections and interactions-to laugh and shout out loud in the presence of my friends, not a mere lol or rofl or lmaf. IMHO, we need to surround ourselves with reality. Validations by means of the real reactions and expressions of those you can see, touch, and laugh out loud with.