Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 242: Up the Hill Backwards

It'll be alright...

That's what Bowie said, and I'm gonna choose to believe him. There sure isn't a lot to believe in these days.

An irksome rejection letter yesterday. Local company which clearly only gave lipservice to my application, which was presented exactly 51.5 hours before getting a "no." And more galling, the rejection included writing mistakes... while the job was for a copywriter/editor.

I mean, if I am not qualified to do that, I am not qualified to do anything.

But I have to just flip the proverbial middle finger to this. I know how good I am. But man, that's a well-kept secret, apparently.

So just trying to shake it off, and keep fighting. As Thin LIzzy said, you fight or fall...

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