Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 268: Musical luck

There are some advantages to having been around a while. As I listen to the great Ryan Adams sing "Burning Photographs" I remember some of the great concerts I've been able to see.

I saw Ryan Adams in a tiny club in Dallas before he became "RYAN ADAMS." He was fronting a decent little band called Whiskeytown.

I saw The Clash on their "Combat Rock" tour at a bowling alley in Dallas. 1982. A day before they recorded their video for "Rock the Casbah" in Austin.

I saw ZZ Top in a hall that held about 1,200. Wintergarden Ballroom in Dallas.

I saw the Stones on a rainy Halloween day in 1981 at the Cotton Bowl.

I've seen Neil Young four times. Not often enough.

I've seen the Jacket three times now. The first was in a little club and I was on the front row.

I saw The Eagles on their Hotel California tour on 7-7-77. Some unknown named Jimmy Buffett opened for them.

I saw the Allman Brothers in August 1974, at the first concert held in Texas Stadium. The Marshall Tucker Band and Joe Walsh opened.

My first concert was Steely Dan opening for Elton John on his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour. August 1973 in the Cotton Bowl.

I saw the Who, with Stevie Ray Vaughan opening. Also at the Cotton Bowl.

I saw U2 four times, starting with their unforgettable fire tour. One of the best was when they played Texas Stadium with openers Bjork (fronting the Sugarcubes), and Public Enemy.

Who've you seen?

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