Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 280: Beauty

There's more than you realize. Even when you think it's very dark. Darkness can be beautiful. Penn is black as coal and at night I can hardly see him outside. Still beautiful.

Some people believe the world is only a few thousand years old. Science says it's more than 4.5 billion years old. Since only a very few of us even live 100 years, the age of the earth doesn't matter as much... our time is incredibly short.

Do me a favor. Hell, do yourself a favor. Even if you only do this for five minutes, it will help: breathe in the life and the beauty around you. Listen to some inspiring music. Look at the sky. Look at the trees, their bark, their leaves perhaps beginning to hint at budding... watch them sway in the wind. See the perfect nature in an animal or any other living thing. See the perfect nature in a stone... it was alive once.

Give your mind a rest from thinking about bills, plans, politics, errands, tasks, sports, drama... these precious seconds are racing by. Will it give you perspective and peace to enjoy this small part of your history? Notice the things in your world that will be here in some way long after you are gone.

Last year I was in Muir Woods. The redwoods there are centuries old. They have seen more than we can imagine. It was an honor to be in their presence. Their silence was important to consider.

Allegedly humanity is at its height now. Technology has given us capabilities that would make us seem like supermen to people living when our great-grandparents were born. We can fly. We can see global events as they happen from anywhere. We have conquered many lethal diseases.

Yet we still hate too much. We kill too much. We have taken a lot of this technology and used it to build walls instead of bridges. What is wrong with us?

This is why I want you to see the life and the beauty around you. You need to get in touch with what is real. Things that endure. The planet endures, despite our best efforts to kill it. Love your mother.

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