Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 285: Little Miracles

OK, so I crushed the interview. Had a solid, well-articulated answer to every question (well, unless they caught my bizarre slip of counting off "A, B, 3..." WTF?) and I had two questions back for them that they responded well to and showed I grasped the core work issues.

But I always feel like I interview pretty well. I do the homework, but in my time as a journalist I've been the questioner so many times the forum doesn't rattle me. I always get a little nervous at the start because of the normal butterflies when you get into that arena and it's on.

Encouraging words at the end, as they tell me they have a "tough choice" and they will be making the call soon.

For what they need, I've got all the tools. That's one advantage to a few trips around the block. I feel good about it. I'd hate to be a bridesmaid once again, but it's out of my hands. For what it's worth, the entire situation was providential and fast-moving. Yesterday I was delaying sending in my package because I wanted to take the hounds to the park. Then the car died, so I punted and came back in and completed the application. Two hours later I had an interview set up, and that was today. So that car stalling out was fortuitous.

I've had a few of these little miracles occur in my life (thanks, Jeremy Roenick; thanks, Tom Petty cover band)... these "ZuZu's petals" moments. Maybe this is another one.

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