Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 287: March

A lot of a job search is like a march. You have to keep slogging ahead.

I was energized from a good interview Tuesday and still waiting to hear back. Maybe it will happen. But the time for feeling good is over. I have to presume the worst, hope for the best, and keep at it.

I'm into the 10th month of this now. I don't like to think about it too much, because it can become discouraging. Why haven't I solved the puzzle? That's a dangerous way to think, because you can't MAKE someone hire you. You can only do your part, and then let the situation unfold.

But people naturally want to be masters of their domain and take full responsibility for their success. So when that success is delayed, they can feed upon themselves with self-doubt, angst, worry, second-guesses...

Years ago I knew a therapist who, truth be told, was pretty sorry at her job. But she did have one really useful phrase about situations such as these. She was unlikely to have created this phrase on her own, but she called it "stinkin' thinkin'" -- a term that characterizes those people hosting a pity party, party of one.

It's useless to do that. And more than anything during this time, I think I've fought very adequately to minimize wallowing in that. Some may disagree; but, I know that even when I've had the inevitable downspots during this trial, I've told myself that I have the ability and the perseverance to get through it and emerge in a good, new place whenever this is over. I really believe that.

Obviously this new thing would solve these problems. And my hope for it is tied not just to ending this era, but of the capability to do so many good things.

Anyway, it's march. So... forward, March.

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