Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 288: Dr. No

Dr. No was the villain in the first Sean Connery as James Bond movie. He was the inspiration for one of my favorite characters of all time, Dr. Evil, from the Austin Powers spoofs.

Today, I feel like Dr. No. Because that's the word I got from my latest job prospect -- No -- and it's become something I am so good at, I feel like I have a doctorate.

Well, every rejection stings, and this one stings a little more because there's no good reason for me to have been anything other than the winner in this contest. Soon I'll know who I lost out to, and I will be interested in seeing their qualifications. I hope they're awesome. But I know mine were.

I guess at least this is better than having lost out to a babysitter for an editor's job, but not much better.

Why can't I find the magic combination/handshake/whatever the hell it is I'm supposed to do to seal the deal?

I could feel worse, but I have at least developed a little thick skin after having been turned down a number of times. You expect things to be shitty, and when they are, you aren't as disturbed by it as you might normally be.

So on to the next thing, I guess. It does make me feel like I'll never get a fair shake here and that I have to go somewhere else. Which is fine, but it is frustrating to lay out out there for someone here, and be so sure that I can be the guy in whatever situation, and then... nothing.

I was invited to join the board of the organization that didn't think I was the best fit for the job. That seems a little brazen to me. "Hey, we don't want you for the job, but you're good enough to be on the board overseeing the job." As Seth and Amy might say... "Really?"

Sigh. I actually, physically feel pain right now. I gotta chill out. Latus on the menjay.

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