Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 289: Taming the Lions

It's been remarked upon before and much better than I could that humans have a great capacity for erasing painful memories. This is often cited when considering childbirth; if women remembered how painful that experience can be, we'd have a population shortage.

Fortunately, we do tend to let go of these things. I'm already recovering from yesterday. I mean, what the hell... it does me zero good to linger on it. Good luck to 'em.

I felt like I was a great fit, and would have done well there. And I usually feel that way. I don't look to get into situations (professional or otherwise) where I'm in over my head or don't think I can shine. Talk about self-defeating!

It'd be interesting to be a jet pilot right up to the point where I crash into the ocean. Thus, no pursuit of jet pilotry. Monty Python taught me long ago that chartered accountants do not effective lion-tamers make, even if you have the hat.

But enough of this gay banter. Back to the hunt. I want to be out there taming on Monday...

P.S. I was unable to link to the YouTube video I wanted, but if you need a laugh, search for "Monty Python Lion Tamer" and clicky.

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