Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 314: No Snappy Title

About a month ago, one of the cars just decided it wouldn't start. It's an older car, close to 170k miles on it, and it's been in an out of the shop for the last few years. The hinky nature of it is what prompted us to buy the new car.

It seemed to be trying to turn over, but it just wouldn't. I put it in neutral and let it roll to a different position (yes, that could actually work) but it still didn't start.

Every day I tried to start it, same result. We decided that if I could just get it going, I could drive it to the mechanic's to see what was wrong. We hoped to avoid a tow fee, especially since our excellent mechanic is barely a mile away.

After a week, and resigned to the eventual towing fee, I cranked it one morning... and it started. Took it to the mechanic. They had it for a day and it started every time. They said the plugs were a little worn and so they replaced them. Total expense was well under $100.

This story is a metaphor.

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  1. Thanks, Abider.
    I found your blog Friday and took time over the weekend to read each post starting with your first. It was good for me mentally. Virtual commiserating?

    I'm on Day 87 myself. I've had similar ups and downs during my search. Also had some uncanny mimicry (two weeks ago, roots in pipes - $3,000 bill!).

    Keep fighting the good fight! It will happen and you'll join the urban achievers.
    I'll miss the blog, but I'll get over that selfishness.

    Thanks again.