Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 418: Keep Calm and Carry On

That phrase, used as encouragement from the U.K. government for British citizens at the outset of World War II, has enjoyed a second life in the past decade or so. It was meant to allay fears among a nervous populace alarmed by the escalating war on the continent.

In its second life, the malleability of the phrase has made it applicable to a wide range of uses.

Today, I'm using it to keep myself from getting too excited about two job prospects that advanced to a second stage within about two hours of one another. One is here, the other is over there. And you know how I like things over there.

But I like things here, too.

And I like the idea of being able to stop putting day number before most of these posts. I'm grateful to have an outlet to vent/muse/etc., and I plan to keep communicating via this format. But it'd be quite alright if the blog's name was obsolete.

So. I have a phone interview in the morning. And I just sent a mountain of clips to the other prospect. This feels like progress, and I want to leap like a certain fearless little dog I know right now.

But I can't. I have to stay on an even keel. I need to keep calm, and carry on.

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