Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 420: 420, huh?

Too easy...

Some random thoughts...

Went after two longshot jobs today. One here, one in the Pacific NW. Actually, the Pacific NW job is probably more obtainable. My background more closely matches it. Time will tell.


I pruned some of my social media contacts the other day. It's noticeably quieter. The only things I lost were a lot of sub-discussions and pissing contests. Much improved.


"Four Strong Winds" by Neil Young is an amazing song. This song reminds me of a spring night in about 1980 when I drove about 10 hours and listened to this over and over.


Big summer project has been to burn our entire CD library into iTunes. Past 12,000 songs now, and probably about 85 percent done. You'd think I'd be able to beat Serico in Song Pop more often.


August is less than three weeks away. Man, this year is moving kinda fast.

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