Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 429: Untethered

Ev Bogue takes chances. He's urged what he calls "untethering" -- a willingness to move on from things. Social media is one of them.

So I did it. A lot of things related to social media have been more trouble than they are worth lately. Alleged friends turned out to be anything but. Online drama sometimes mirrors the stupidity of bogus "reality TV" shows.

I don't want it. I just cut loose my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I doubt very seriously I'll be back. If I could pitch this cell phone into a lake, I would be tempted.

It's been a hard time in my life, going through this. No matter how many people try to be supportive, at the end of the day you're alone with your problems, fears and stress. No one can solve that for you. Social media, television, online games, whatever... these things are distractions and are consumed to excess.

I'm fed up, y'all. Had it.

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