Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 422: Get Some Sleep

I haven't been sleeping as well lately. And some bad dreams, including one terrible one... you know, the kind where you start crying in the dream, and wake up and you are crying.

That was because of a dream I had where I saw my dog hurt badly. Fortunately, the image in the dream  was not actually possible to happen, so I can shake it off. But why do you even have an awful thought like that?

A lot of things can screw up your sleep cycle. Family stress. Work stress. Financial concerns. Health worries. Other ridiculous drama that can arise.

Throw in an abnormally hot summer, trying to bend around three dogs, and a bed that needs to be replaced...

If a few of these things are in your life, it can be a problem. If a lot of these things are around, you can pretty much count on feeling a little cranky.

Time for a nap...

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