Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 381: Progress?

Everyone seems a little uncertain how to be around me, because I'm (apparently) taking this latest setback so well.

I guess that's personal progress. When you've had some near-misses, I think you can go forward one of two ways: It either crushes you, or you roll with it.

Naturally I am disappointed. Of all the ones I've missed on, this one would have been the best one to get. But I gave it my best shot, prepared like mad to be ready... overprepared, in some ways, because they never actually asked questions directly pertaining to the specific business, which is a little weird... and I did everything possible to be a strong candidate.

Of course I look for things I could have done better, but one thing that may have hurt me is what someone once called being "G.U." -- Geographically Undesirable. If it came down to a tossup between me and another candidate, and that candidate was local... well, it makes sense for them to make that be the deciding factor.

I don't know if that was the case, but certainly it's not unrealistic to think that could have been an issue. No longer wait, and no haggling over any relocation expenses.

But none of that matters now. That prospect, for now at least, is behind me. The future is ahead, so that's where I need to focus my energy.

I used my hours on the road this weekend to set some personal goals, not all of which are tied to employment. As anyone can attest, and as I understood throughout this most recent job chase, you can only control so much of things, and some things are simply out of your hands.

So I'm going to work very hard to master completely the things that I can control. And the rest will just work out, right?

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