Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 403: Scars

Not all scars are physical.

In fact, in many if not most cases, it's the scars you never see that take the longest time to heal. Some of them never really do.

These scars are mementos of something painful. They are images, songs, places, thoughts, tastes, smells... sensory reminders of something almost but never completely forgotten.

And they can come to you at the most random time, totally unexpectedly.

It's hard to see the good in these things, even though you desperately want to spin it into something positive. About the best you can hope for is accepting that no matter how something once sucked, at least you aren't there now.

The problem is, sometimes it might feel like the thing that left the scar is still too near, the wound still fresh. And that can be real or perceived as real. Something painful that happened years ago can still seem too near.

That's a tough one, because your mind sometimes resists letting go of something that can never be undone.


That's as far as I want to go down this road. Back into the sunlight...

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