Monday, June 18, 2012

(Still) Day 396: Summer

I'm feeling summer...

A lot of things can mess with your internal clocks. It's like being in a Vegas casino... without windows you lose track of time. My extended workless situation has disturbed my natural rhythms. Some days seem to be Friday but are actually Tuesday. An irregular schedule has benefits... it creates situations where normally blah moments can be more special. But it also can make time seem a little imprecise.

May was such a crazy month... the trip to Texas and California, followed by another trip to Texas... and lo and behold it's June. May is usually a rainy month, but this one wasn't. Plus being on the beach makes it seem like summer, even though it wasn't. Argh. Confusing.

Summer has some very specific sensations common to most of us. You've got the heat, obviously, and the longest days. The smell of cut grass or a warm rain. Cookouts and chlorine...

But I haven't felt it much, until today. I don't know what it was. But it feels good. Maybe the end of this weird period is soon; it needs to be.

What are the things that make YOU feel summer? And we were talking earlier of "summer songs" that signify the season. For me, the Beach Boys are an obvious choice. And Sly's "Hot Fun in the Summertime."

Would love to get your thoughts, dear readers...


  1. Summer songs: Lisztomania - Phoenix, Great Salt Lake - Band of Horses.

    Trying to think of others!

  2. Gonna have to check out that Phoenix song....

    Some that we kicked around:
    Summer of 69 -- Bryan Adams
    Summertime Blues -- Eddie Cochran

    And many others with summer in the title...

    I'm also a fan of the big "anthemic" summer-type songs...