Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 319: Clueless

Got a comment for moderation from a random, and it sounded like maybe someone who shares my POV and situation. But I was left puzzled at the end by a comment that I interpreted as a snark. So I didn't publish while I think it over.

I'm at a very tenuous spot in this situation as a year without work approaches.

I'm obviously sad, worried, frequently grouchy. Right now I don't feel that hopeful. I keep thinking that my opportunity is right around the corner, but what if it isn't? What happens then?

This is really scary for me. I suspect it would be for you as well. Sometimes I feel like I am standing on a ledge. And sometimes it feels like I hear people saying "jump."

1 comment:

  1. Jump? That would be very unDudelike.
    Hope this posting wasn't regarding my comment from yesterday. I'm not malicious enough, or clever enough, to send a snark your way. Apologies if the "urban achiever" reference was taken any other way then as a harmless haha.

    Hope today is kinder, gentler to you.

    Roy (Day 88)