Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 334: Refreshing thinking

The past 24-36 hours have been very positive for my mental energy for a few reasons...

* A story that I wrote and posted last summer just got some traction with one of the subjects I wrote about, and I want to thank these site visitors for stopping by. When you're facing tough times, encouragement can appear unexpectedly. My guests have boosted my morale and confidence. Some folks would call that a blessing. I'm feeling it. The Lord works in mysterious ways...
* Last night had a sort of family reunion for a few hours. My mom's three surviving sisters got together for the first time since Aunt Becky died in November. Family is always a tricky issue because it's inevitable that there will be lingering tensions from some perceived slight. But it was sweet, nice, and good to touch base with your heritage.
* My cousin's youngest son is 10. At one point he came out and walked past us, said "hi" and told us he was going to run. Then went out into the street and just ran a handful of sprints as fast as he could. It was adorable. Kids have such a purity about them. He was running because to him, that was a fun thing to do.

When do we lose that point of view? Wouldn't life be better if we didn't?

Anyway, some amazing things happening today. Basically got a long-distance phone call this morning for a job that would not just be amazing and not just be where I want to be, but better than all that it would be doing something extremely meaningful and important for children. It would be the sort of thing that at the end of every day, you could feel as if you had done something for someone who really needed a helping hand.

So my attitude is pretty good. Thanks y'all!

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