Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 343: Milestones

Somehow, I'm nearing 6,000 pageviews on this little endeavor. And only 4,000 of them are mine!

Kidding. It's 5,000.

But seriously, folks. It is deeply gratifying to y'all who have spent a little time here. On days when I have been pretty blue, it's reassuring to know that someone cares enough to spend a minute or two peeking inside my head. It has helped me. So thanks.

Some good news might be on the horizon. Well, one thing already is... a local nonprofit group I have volunteered with for more than a year has re-upped my board chairmanship for another year. That's an honor and I hope to reaffirm that confidence going forward.

That is, provided I don't get a job that requires me to move. What's that you say? A job interview is in the offing? Well, then...

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