Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 338: Go West. Or East. Or Stay.

Three strong job prospects this week, literally from sea to shining sea. Left, Right, and right here in Gawd's Country.

I'd love any one of these; they're all good situations. Naturally, however, if I had to choose I would choose Left. In that spirit, I bought my first pair of Birkenstock sandals today.

I've been called many things, but one that I like is "pessimistic hippie." (Funny that one, Piker.) I don't think I'm really pessimistic, in fact I tend to think I am optimistic. I am, however, realistic, and that can be seen as pessimistic at times.

So be it.

Honestly, I'm at the stage where all these different job situations over my life have been interesting, but I'd really like the stability of riding a good job for a number of years. Job searches are exciting in a way, but they're also stressful. Change is growth, one way or another, and the term "growing pains" is apt because you have to get out of your comfort zone even in the best of circumstances.

Door Number 1 or 2 is going to entail a move across country. That's no picnic. Door Number 3 will be working in a challenging environment that grinds a lot of the people I know who work or have worked there.

I've lived in Left before and loved it. I've spent a little time in Right and it's... different. The Northeast is cold, compressed and congested... drives I used to take in Texas of several hours meant you were still in Texas. NE drives of several hours mean you can cross through five states. But I like the appeal of being able to have major metropolitan areas within relatively close reach. That's a big plus.

Regardless, it feels closer now. This thing is chasing down a year of fUnemployment. I'm way beyond tired of it. I need to land someplace real, someplace I can build on. That's why the choices are the way they are... I need to be somewhere that I want to be a long time. And this explains why some places just aren't under consideration.

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