Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 326: You Never Know

A local prospect, and a Western prospect (Irvine, CA, home of the Anteaters) on the hitlist today. Only two, which is disappointing, because I wanted to send more. My research into a couple of prospects that seemed initially promising turned out to be not so much...

One, where unfortunately I have a decent "in," is not a great fit. In fact it's a bad fit. Job's a little technical and while I could probably finesse it, I don't see a major relocation for a mid-level job.

Another would be tons of fun, if I didn't need to make a living wage, or have a life/see sunshine ever again.


Anyway it's 5:46 pm CDT, and I am bleary. B.L.E.A.R.Y. I just want to veg out a while now.

So that's on tap.

On the Cali prospect I kind of shot from the hip. There's a bit of risk with that if you end up dealing with a dullard, but if you hit the right connection, I think it gives you a big advantage. The problem is you never know.

I do know this: I've been generally unpleasant lately, and to the world I say, "Sorry about that." I need to laugh more. I need to lighten the hell up. I'm working on it.

My good friend BEGT is in SoCal this week and sent me some pics she's taken today. It's cool. That's really my home, and I think that I'll find a way.

You never know.

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