Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 29: Discouragement, Pt. II

At 2:42 p.m., I got an automated notice. Looks like the latest attempt to join the HQ of Giant MegaRetailer has not been successful.

It’s now 2:45 p.m. How long do I get to feel (pick all that apply) crestfallen / devastated / discouraged / disappointed / angry?

It hurts. I’ve never taken any sort of rejection well. I have “abandonment issues” and to me, every time something like this happens, it goes there. Like I’m not good enough. Unwanted.

This one stings a bit. Because not only do/did I fit the profile of the job requirements pretty much to a “T” but I also have/had a bit of an in… I know/knew someone who is high up in that particular food chain. I contacted this person and subtly let them know I was pursuing the job. Nothing pushy or egregious at all. Just a “hey, any tips?” inquiry that was responded to favorably and then let it play out.

And I didn’t get any sort of strong consideration at all. The company didn’t even phone interview. Just a “Thanks, but no thanks” e-mail.

So it hurts, but what’s worse, it scares me. Like, to-the-bone terror. If I can’t get anything other than lip-service consideration for a job I’m strongly suited to and have (theoretically) an inside contact who could vouch for me – what chance do I have for other jobs that are within my realm of possibility but that I am less ideal for?

Listen, a jobsearch under the best of circumstances is always a crapshoot. To me, it’s become more and more like buying a lotto ticket. As the situation above indicates, you can have a strong case and not get it, or a weak case and get it.

This really, really, really sucks.


Minutes after I got this wonderful news, I got a call from DD. He got poleaxed the same day as me. It was good to hear from him. He’s also struggling to find something. He’s a straight-shooter, and there just aren’t enough of those people in the world.


Reflecting earlier in the day…

Rain hit O Little Town of Fayetteville this morning and cooled things down substantially – in late morning it was still only 66. It was good “sleeping in” weather. The day got off to a slow start. M made a nice brekkie, we watched some of the Mavs championship parade. On a side note, a few observations re: that.

1) I love Canada, but after what happened in Vancouver last night after Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals… what the hell? I’ve never understood the post-sporting event riot. If you’re happy about your team’s victory, how is that expressed through burning cars, destroying property and looting? Somebody please explain that connection because I just don’t get it.
2) Conversely, if your team lost, is it such a big deal that you’ve got to rampage through the city to show your displeasure? That’s pretty stupid, and even moreso if you trash your OWN city. As of noon PT today, news reports say 150 people have been injured.
3) I think better of Canada. They are acting like European soccer fans. Dislike.
4) The last two sports championship celebrations in Dallas were a mixed bag. When the Stars won in 1999 the parade went off without incident. However, after the Cowboys parade in 1996, there was some hooliganism. But, nothing remotely approaching Vancouver last night.
5) The Mavs parade looked polite and orderly, although I could just be not yet hearing of any post-event tomfoolery.

Fayetteville has sold out for the past 10 years to an annual fall event that draws motorcyclists, T-shirt sellers and other carnies to the city for about a week. Event organizers have perpetuated the fiction that this abomination draws up to 400,000 people each year. To a city with a population of around 70,000. The Dallas area has millions of residents, and estimates today were of a crowd of 250,000. The streets were packed for miles.

Fayetteville, and Dickson Street, have never remotely looked like that during the bikerthon. But the lazy mainstream news media around here will assuredly parrot that number again in a few months – even though one of its own reporters, Bill Bowden, debunked the figures a couple of years ago.

[End Soapbox position]

I spent some time on LinkedIn looking into jobs, but not a lot of time. I have a backlog from yesterday that I couldn’t get to and so I need to get moving on that. On one hand it’s encouraging that there are some prospects out there. I’m looking into things that ordinarily wouldn’t be at the top of the list. Location is taking a back seat to finding really good fits. If that just so happens to be in Outer Weefix Flats, so be it.

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