Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 37: The week in review


I hope I've been missed. I've had numerous other things going on, although sadly, few that have actually enhanced my job prospects. Having said that (for all you "Curb" fans out there), I took a couple of classes that gave me a basic introduction to using a DV camera and Final Cut Pro. I'm now ready to attempt to make video. Stay tuned for that in the near future.

Thus far this week I've applied for three jobs... two in Texas and one at Local MegaCompany. I had a lot of family excursions this week and that's good. Some people always have your back.

Motivation has been a challenge. On one hand, I don't have the luxury of slacking. On the other, being afraid of failure to the point of doing nothing is a dangerous pit to fall into. So I've only had the three applications, but I've really poured a lot into them.

Yesterday and this morning I did spend some time going back over my CV. What's missing? What would jazz it up? I'm thinking about sending to Guru Alvin and getting his review. That man has no filter.

A near-injury, and yesterday's dwelling in the Inner Circle of Fault has seemingly passed. I'm tanned, rested and ready. Let's do this.

But first, better feed the dog.


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