Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 62: Dog Days

I've had some doozies arguing about climate change, but today... man, do I want some climate change. It's really too hot. This is the hottest summer I remember since the brutality of 1980.

Unfortunately too many of us know what it is like to be without work for an extended time. For those of you who don't, I hate to disappoint you but having this time off actually is not a "free vacation."

In fact, it seriously screws up your real vacations. For one thing, whenever I get a job, you can pretty much count on NOT taking any time off for at least a year. If you're married or otherwise involved, that means that your partner gets shortchanged as well. Or, they take time because they have to and their vacation is away from you. Which, in some cases I guess, could be a true vacation. Onward.

Now I see ads inviting you to come to the beach, and it looks great: summer sun, kicking back near the waves. Only... I can't afford to do that right now. I have to find work, not lounge around and spend money I don't have. I see mountains and cooler-temperature venues that look enticing and same thing: No mon, no fun. So you're stuck.

Every expense makes you feel guilty, like you're stealing. It feels strict. It even makes you feel guilty to keep the air conditioning a few degrees higher than you might normally. Since the extortionists at the power companies adjust their rates seasonally, you get hit harder anyway. You're just always looking over your shoulder about money.

I was given a ticket the other night, for allegedly running a stop sign. I'm thinking about fighting it, primarily because I think it is a bogus ticket, but also because I think I'm being robbed for $125 that I really don't want to spend. Honestly, if they could put me on a work crew for two days to pay it off, I'd do it. But this isn't about breaking the law, it's about generating revenue for a dink town. Everybody around here knows about this place. It's unavoidable if you're going to the local airport.

Except that it isn't. I'm considering altering my airport route to go a longer way but a way that ensures I never go through that town again.

If there's good news I guess it's that while the heat is beating me down, I'm not letting a lack of success on the job hunt do the same. l'm still fighting and being hopeful. There has not been a lot of super leads this week. I console myself that it is only Tuesday afternoon.

The best thing about oppressive summer heat is that day in the future when it breaks... either a cooling storm or even better, that first crisp morning of early fall when you wake up and the temperature is in the 50s and everything just feels wonderful. I'm thinking that this job search is like that... someday soon that cool change will come, and it will refresh you and make you appreciate the hard stuff you got through to get to that point.

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