Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 66: WTF

So reading a little more about this Norway rampage. The guy's clearly gone.

Not to go all End Times on people, but aren't these horrible things a little unsettling when taken on the whole?

Just in the last 12 hours: 5 shot at Dallas-area roller rink. 8 shot in Seattle.

Listen, the heat's getting everybody irritable, but this is ridiculous.

It just seems like society is disintegrating bit by bit, although sometimes it seems like the pace is picking up a bit. We're destroying the planet. Now it feels like we're turning on each other.

The stuff in Norway... you know, to me almost every murder plea should be insanity, because a rational being could never think of willfully killing someone, much less the numbers this Scandinavian scumbag put up. At what point does the rational person think: "I'm pissed off, I think I must make a statement. Giant homemade bombs and killing dozens of kids at a camp seems to be the right response."

That's clearly insane, right?

Other things that are insane: flying planes into buildings. Shooting up campuses. Gunning down people gathered to visit with a congressional representative.

But these sorts of things have become almost expected, commonplace. How is that even possible? And what does it mean?

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