Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 69: Scattered

This was one of those lost kind of days. I am getting early starts but today that didn't turn into the kind of progress I wanted.

It's all good though, right? Actually, late in the day I found something interesting, researched it, felt discouraged and that chasing it would be a waste, then thought "This is exactly the sort of thing you envisioned doing 5 years ago; what's wrong about chasing THAT?"

So off ya go. I mean, as far as dream jobs go, there are the ones you convince yourself are dream jobs, and there are those few that actually *are* dream jobs. This is in the latter category. It'd be criminal to have that much fun and get paid to do it.

Who knows? Somebody has to win the lottery.


The buzz last few days concerns the debt ceiling. A WH rep today explained on CNN today how terrible this all was, that not increasing the debt ceiling would "prevent America from borrowing more money."

Umm... that's exactly the problem. We don't need to be borrowing any more money. It's called fiscal responsibility. Both sides are playing it like a hot potato. We need to spend less. We need more revenue. We could spend less if we weren't engaged in expensive military excursions in Asia and Africa. We could raise more money if the corporations and the super-rich would pay their fair share. I'm sick of hearing the whining about poor millionaires and billionaires. "More taxes means less jobs." Bullshit. They're taxed less now than they've ever been taxed and the economy is in freefall. Where are the jobs? Where's *my* damn job?

Millionaires, billionaires, call me. Get me hooked up and I'll sell you my vote.

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