Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 72: Bailey

Five signs that your much-anticipated visit with your daughter has gone well:

1) The seventh day of her visit seems like perhaps the second or third, and you realize that in less than 48 hours she will be gone and you feel like the time has just evaporated in an instant.
2) The way she carries herself, the things she thinks and says and the way she dresses remind you that she is young, but not a child. She's not watching Power Puff girls, or listening to Radio Disney, or wearing jammies with Yodas on them.
3) She's almost 18, and somehow your life that you think is mostly the same as it ever was is actually very, very different.
4) Because she seems all right, you forgive yourself a little bit for all the ignorant parenting screwups you think you've made.
5) You suddenly realize that you really want a picture together to remember this time.

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