Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CP 2-3: Barr vs. Youngman

In our second bracket, it's No. 5 seed Roseanne Barr vs. No. 12 Henny Youngman. Talk about old school.

This is Roseanne's first Carson appearance, in 1985. Before the interwebs and Comedy Central gave us 24-7 access to comedians, unless you lived in a city with a comedy club your best shot was on Carson. Johnny stepped down in 1991 and the show's never been what it once was. If you appeared on Carson, you had arrived.

Actually his show was called the Tonight Show, but that was before Jay Leno turned it into crap.

Anyway, being network television, this appearance is pretty tame. If she advances, we'll be looking at some of her blue stuff. She was pretty great as a standup... there were a lot fewer women in the biz at the time. Here's the clip:

In the other corner we have the legendary Henny Youngman. His career began in the 30s, and consisted for the next 70+ years of a rapid-fire one-liners. Not a lot of set-up: Just rip it. Times being what they are, just about anyone under the age of 40 has no clue who he is. If they do, it's likely as "Hey, wasn't that the guy in 'Goodfellas'?"

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