Friday, September 2, 2011

CP game 6: Izzard vs. Kaufman

Kaufman fans, here's your shot.

Tenth seed Andy Kaufman was somewhat of an acquired taste. One of the early (if not the first) practitioners of what might be labeled "alt-comedy" seemed to love confusing his audience. Kaufman was so adroit at this misdirection that people wondered if his terminal illness (he died at age 35) was just another elaborate bit.

Don't think so.

I think Kaufman is important, but not particularly funny. Some of his bits are great, like the sample here, his famous "Mighty Mouse" bit from the first SNL.

Among his legacy bits, Kaufman had the SNL bit ("Foreign Man," which became Latka on the sitcom "Taxi"); his bizarre lounge act satire Tony Clifton; and the running gag that was his pro wrestling career. But the rest of his career is pretty unremarkable.

Kaufman's paired against No. 7 Eddie Izzard. Izzard has also pushed the boundaries, and is arguably the greatest transvestite comedian of all time, just ahead of another Brit, Graham Chapman. (Actually I don't know if Chapman was a transvestite or just someone who didn't mind being in drag from time to time.)

Izzard initially had a lower ranking, until I began to revisit some of his jokes. As time went by it became obvious how good he is. It was difficult to select from numerous great bits, but I settled on this one. Days later I would still remember it and giggle again. That's quality.

OK, so let's use this opportunity to recap the bracket revealed thus far:
1. George Carlin vs. 16. Jay Mohr. Winner meets winner of ...
8. Jim Carrey vs. 9 Sarah Silverman

5. ??? vs. 12. ??? meets the winner of 4. Bill Hicks vs. 13. Craig Ferguson.

The lower half of the bracket has:
2. Woody Allen vs. 15. Mitch Hedberg. The winner there faces off against the Izzard-Kaufman winner.
3. Louis C.K. vs. 14. Bill Cosby will face 6. ??? vs. 11. Jimmy Fallon.

Keep those cards and letters comin'.

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