Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 124: What's It All About?


Sorry, couldn't resist. And, most of you won't get the reference anyway. But (naturally) I digress...

An old friend... yes, he's old, and I have known him a long time... asked me an interesting question this weekend: "If you were going to write everyday, what would it be about?"

I hedged with my response, saying "I'm kind of all over the map." Which is true. I find most things are interesting and try and learn a little about as much as I can. This makes me a terrific trivia player; you don't want any part of me.

But it also makes me, in some ways, that proverbial "jack of all trades/master of none." Is that a good thing?

So what is this little endeavour all about? Why do I do this? And what do YOU, beloved reader(s), find worthy of a few moments from time to time?


I've been uninspired to write. Apologies. This week has shown a lot of the ugly side of our time. The state of Georgia apparently executed an innocent man. The Supreme Court punted its humanity and said that questions of innocence or guilt weren't important -- just the cold interpretation of the "law."

A lot of people try and maintain that America is a "Christian" nation. Do they even know what that means? Don't proclaim your good works: live them.

My aunt Nancy had a good line this week, saying that going to church doesn't make you holy any more than going into a garage makes you a car.

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