Thursday, September 1, 2011

CP game 5: Hicks vs. Ferguson

I gave the late great Bill Hicks a 4 seed, which is probably akin to Gale Sayers being in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Sayers' career was too short to really be hall-worthy, and the same is likely true for Hicks. The comedians I admire the most all live out on the edge, and this guy certainly did.

Here he riffs on a personal favorite topic, the JFK assassination. I've given up on the linky thing. It didn't used to be this problematic. Anyway:

Holding down a 13 seed is Craig Ferguson, our second Scot in the competition. Because I don't watch a lot of late-night TV anymore, I miss some of the best things he does on his talk show. The guy's really good. Here he performs a little stand-up talking about Tom Cruise.

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