Friday, September 2, 2011

CP game 7: Connolly vs. Einstein

Our second Scot in the bracket, Billy Connolly, was voted the UK's best comedian a few years ago. High praise and pretty right on. Connolly has had a hella interesting life: he not only has had a strong acting career, but he once played in a rock band with Gerry Rafferty ("Stuck in the Middle With You," "Baker Street").

I seeded Connolly 5th. Here's a few minutes.

Keep in mind that especially for the higher seeds, I plan to add new clips as they go forward.

Another comedian/actor is the great Albert Einstein. Einstein's stage name is Albert Brooks. His dad was a radio comedian known as Parkyakarkus. His brother is better known as "Super Dave Osborne." Or, Funkhauser on "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

That's a lot of comedic DNA.

Brooks is a 12 seed. I love the guy, but some of his comedy is a little meh. His stand-up... alas, he has written some great comic movies, and here's a clip from one of his best, "Mother."

One more matchup and bracket one is complete!

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