Thursday, September 1, 2011

CP game 4: Carlin vs. Mohr

OK, this one's got blowout written all over it. First we have a classic clip from the master, George Carlin, about the differences between football and baseball. Just in time for the start of football season!

Carlin's a No. 1 seed. That pits him against a 16, Jay Mohr -- a funny guy, but he's no match here. Surely no one can rank him ahead of Carlin, right?

Here's Mohr's bit on ordering at a Chinese restaurant.

I've now completed the selections for this bracket, and had a request to issue the whole bracket. I don't really wanna do that, because I think it will be better if people just go with the individual matchups. The picture will become clear pretty quickly. But I'll give you some clues about the other eight comedians in this quarter of the field:

* Two Scots and one Brit
* Two (more) dead guys. That's three in this bracket. Odd.
* A real Einstein.
* The King of deadpan one-liners
* Jimmy Fallon.

You should be able to pick out at least one of the remainder for sure.

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