Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CP Game 3: C.K. vs. Cosby

Tough matchup for 14-seed Bill Cosby here. When I was a kid my parents had a couple of Cosby stand-up albums that we played the grooves off of. In the 60s it was an interesting time to see the racial boundaries coming down, albeit in sometimes small ways. Before he was Dr. Huxtable, and before Richard Pryor changed the game forever, Cosby was a pretty successful stand-up. This is an old favorite:

Cosby came out paired against the great Louis C.K. I gave him a three seed, and some people might think that's a bit high. Is Louis C.K. one of the 12 best comedians of all time?

By the time this competition is over, we'll know what you think. Right now at least, he's a big favorite over a guy who was doing stand-up 50 years ago. Here's a great C.K. clip, especially relevant to those of us who have felt the recession up close and personal:

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