Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 88: Win Gregg Jefferies!

Behold, 14-year MLB veteran first baseman Gregg Jefferies.

(Not actual Gregg Jefferies)

I found some buried items when doing a closet douche last week. Then I had the great idea: bribery!

Want this Jefferies... (toy? doll? What is this thing?) item? Be the third person to e-mail your Top 20 music list (either North America or Global) and it's yours.

He's adorned in the uni of the preferred St. Louis Cardinals of 1993-94, when he hit .342 and .325, respectively. Nice work, Gregg! He's posed as if he was on the way to one of his career-best 46 stolen bases. Whoosh!

More fabulous prizes to come!

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