Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 86: Ouch

So got a free week-long taste of a local health club. (Not my idea.)

Today went and checked it out.

OUCH. Let me repeat: OUCH!

I'm not really much of a health club kind of guy. I used to love to play basketball, and I was pretty good at it. When my life got really, really crazy in the late 90s I didn't really have a regular game to play in anymore.

About six or years ago, I guess, I just stopped playing. I used to play in this apartment complex that had an indoor half-court gym, but some hoodlums ruined it. They got in, stole some of the equipment and the community, rather than bump up security, shut it down. They took the rim out. So that was pretty much it.

It's not hard to find a game, but from that point, I just stopped.

I got a bike, but I don't ride as much as I should. When you've had a summer of record heat, it's not always advisable.

Anyway, local club. I was there for about an hour. I don't really love it. And I can't really afford it.

Not much on the job front. My leap of faith job I applied for a couple of days ago, I have yet to hear even an acknowledgement of my interest. This does not surprise me just yet. We'll see.

There's another gig in Apple Gigantico... looks like I'm gonna go for that. How wild would that be?

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