Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 103, pt. II: Vent

So no, the water situation isn't resolved completely after all. Now the toilet won't stop running, but the kitchen faucet has. Almost no water. Plus there's a four-foot crater where the front porch used to be. And a pile of dirt and rocks for the lawn.

My daughter needs my help with a school-related issue, and I haven't been able to deliver. Cancel the Father of the Year award.

The past few days I've been working harder on finding suitable job prospects, but: still unemployed.

I am not sleeping well. So constantly grouchy and unpleasant. No one particularly enjoys my company at the moment and I can hardly blame them.

The heat is back, and I am sick of it. Just had it.

Oh, and Michael Vick now has a $100 million contract. The scum.

How can the world give Vick and so-called "entertainers" that kind of money? How does a mindless bimbo like Snooki Polizzi have a career, and I don't?

Yeah. This one's got no sugar-coating.

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