Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 97: Thanks

Well, sometime Monday my little 'ol blog got its 1000th page view. It's a milestone. Thanks for spending some time here, it is extremely humbling and gratifying.

Tuesday, which as of 5 minutes ago is actually today, brings the slim chance that I will get that phone call I wanted with a job offer. But, I've danced to this tune before. The offer's obviously been made to someone else and now my fate is in the hands of people I don't even know.


Those of you who offered encouragement in other venues, thanks. It means a lot. Old friends and new friends... I'm fortunate indeed.

Well, gotta get back on that horse, eh? So I have a few things to tend to today but mostly I have to redouble my efforts.

There just aren't a ton of opportunities here in GC, so I'm thinking my best bet is to look beyond the horizon. Destiny awaits!

Love to you all...

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