Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 94: Encouragement

So, had an interview yesterday. I'm a serious contender for a local gig that is totally in my wheelhouse.

It kind of came out of nowhere. Whatever! Things have moved pretty fast. I've had decent luck with things that went that way before. My amazing Cali job, from first contact to moving to LA, took about six weeks. Sometimes the planets align. I should know no later than Tuesday.

I feel like I interview well. Part of this is my reporter background, I think. I have been the one asking questions, so I shouldn't get rattled being on the other side of that equation. It's not foreign.

My interview a while back at MondoBusinessEntity went well; I'm still convinced there were extraordinary factors that scuttled that. Or rather one factor. I'm fairly confident that mystery will eventually be solved. Unfortunately, so-called "networking" actually counts... good contacts can give you the edge. Bad blood can torpedo you.

That last one is something that works against me. I've never liked the taste left on your lips by kissing ass. Hate to say that it possibly hasn't been in my best interests to not play that game.


SIDE NOTE: The Caspa remix of Kaskade/Deadmau5's "I Remember" just came on Pandora. Cannot recommend this song enough.


Naturally it hurts when you think you've got the inside track for a job and you don't get it. You always wonder: What could I have done better? Did I do something wrong?

When I first came back here to Gawd's Country, I interviewed for an internal job that I felt pretty good about. It seemed like a clean slate situation, and I thought I had some people behind the scenes who were in my corner. I had a great interview and the hiring manager actually made me think that it was a fait accompli. I was sure I was in.

Then they gave the job to someone who I despise. But that's not that important, I've worked with jerks before. No, the problem was that this guy was not just lazy, but his work performance was just so-so. I've rarely worked with someone so widely despised. "Brownie" was known as a deceitful suck-up and back-stabber, and his getting the job stunned not just me but a lot of others. It wasn't necessarily that it was a given I should get the job, but it was universally panned among the group that Brownie got it.

It just sent the worst message possible about the future. The morale in this place was bad enough as it was, but hiring Brownie for a leadership role indicated that achievement and initiative was unwelcome, and being a toady and a weasel was the way to advance.

We should have all seen it right then and there. A team is built in the image of its coach, and this image proved out repeatedly over time.

Anyway, that was then, and this is now. My possible new boss really impressed me yesterday. He seemed like a no-bullshit guy, open-minded and results-oriented. That's a good fit for me. I'll be pretty damned determined to not let him down.

We'll see. If I'm in, more details to come. If I'm out, unfortunately I think that's going to seal the deal with my needing to leave Gawd's Country for greener pastures. That makes this a pretty momentous time, doesn't it?

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