Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 102: Water

So low water pressure in this old house this morning.

Thus, the combination of marginally interested landlord and extremely interested spouse had me in the moldy, spider-web infested basement looking for clues. This duplex was built in 1939. Connect the dots. The basement height would be suitable for someone 5-6; less so for someone 6-3. So ducking low-hanging creatures and wires and whatnot, I found a little bit of what seemed to be normal groundwater but quite an intense sound of water rushing behind the front wall.

Still, it didn't seem terrible.

Outside, the drive runs on the low/south end of the house. Water was in the drive. Toward the front of the house, a large crack in the foundation... like this |____| but inverted... was about five feet wide and four feet tall. At the bottom right, the crack forks in two directions, about four inches high. Water is steadily but slowing flowing from this.

The dial on the water meter was spinning crazily. So now the water is shut off, and I spent time going back through our entire bill history. We're averaging $1.84 per day on water expenses here. I'm not sure if that is a high figure or a low figure.

I'm grateful for indoor plumbing, we take this for granted. Awareness rises when you don't have water.

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