Saturday, September 3, 2011

CP game 8: Wright vs. Fallon

Sixth-seed Stephen Wright is a favorite; he's pretty unique in that he doesn't really do drawn-out jokes, he just fires off one-liners that score again and again. Kind of an Allen Iverson, I guess... he only does one thing exceptionally well, but it works.

Here's 5 awesome minutes he did on Letterman in 1988:

Jimmy Fallon's standup is difficult to find, but then again, he performs every night on his show, and starred on SNL, especially as a WU anchor with Tina Fey. Here's a great bit he did with Justin Timberlake on the History of Rap & Hip-Hop:

The bracket's now complete. Next week we'll have eight more matchups for you.

The full bracket:

1. George Carlin vs. 16. Jay Mohr / 8. Jim Carrey vs. 9. Sarah Silverman
4. Bill Hicks vs. 13. Craig Ferguson / 5. Billy Connolly vs. 12. Albert Brooks
3. Louis C.K. vs. 14. Bill Cosby / 6. Stephen Wright vs. 11. Jimmy Fallon
2. Woody Allen vs. 15. Mitch Hedberg / 7. Eddie Izzard vs. 10. Andy Kaufman

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