Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 354: Dreamy

Dreams are a fascinating phenomena. The brain is such an extraordinary machine it just can't calm the heck down.

I've often wondered if dream analysis/interpretation was accurate or a crock. A part of me wants to believe that everything that occurs naturally is valid and valuable. Another side of me thinks that things that happen in the subconscious are just the crazy coming out.

Last night I dreamt about my upcoming interview. I was at the airport when I realized that I had forgotten my suit. So I went home to get it, but, I went to my childhood home. It was pouring rain and I was on a bicycle.

Directly behind my childhood home is an undeveloped area that features a large creek and drainage that feeds into White Rock Lake. This area provides a nice greenspace between two large residential neighborhoods, where just west of my block is a big park, probably about 10 acres overall, that is used for softball, soccer, picnics, etc. Across a six-lane street on the west edge of the park begins the grounds that include the lake.

Upstream development makes this area a little flood-prone at times. In my dream, I rounded the corner at the edge of the pre-park area behind my house and saw maybe a foot of water in the creek behind my old home's alley. I knew it was risky but was preparing to brave it and try and make it through the water. Oddly, the water was flowing west to east, which is against the current and something I've never seen before.

As the rain fell and I was preparing to try and ford it, a huge wave arrived and suddenly the water was several feet deep. Impassable and close enough to be very dangerous.

About this time I also realized that my flight took off in about 95 minutes, and I had a 40-mile bikeride to get back to the airport.

Yeah, I think I'm maybe stressing a little.

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