Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 378: Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological affliction suffered by some abuse victims. The terms describes a condition where the victim develops empathy for his or her oppressor. They become normalized to the abuse and even consider the lack of overt abuse as a certain kindness and caring.

I think I'm feeling this.

I haven't heard from the folks I interviewed with 10 days ago. I was told at the end of the expensive, two-day process that I would hear something "in a few days." This being a Tuesday, I expected that meant likely by Friday. That was last Friday.

So now almost another week has passed. And I'm making excuses for the interviewers:

1) "Well, they said a few days. That could be more than a week, easily."
2) "It was Memorial Day weekend. That probably delayed the process."
3) "A lot of people take Memorial Day week off. Maybe the decider is on vacation this week."
4) "They're probably sending a formal offer letter, and it's gotten delayed in the mail because of the holiday week."
5) etc.

Of course, experience has told me that when things take this course, it usually means:

1) They've made a decision, and are waiting for that to be squared away before extending the offer to anyone else or notifying.
2) They aren't good with the aftermath, and I'm waiting for a train that's long since left the station.
3) Hot and heavy on the front end has become cold and careless on the back end, and my obligatory rejection notice is moving through the slowed snail-mail process.

My instincts tell me that it's over for me, I'm out, and that soon the official notice will come. My stupid hope won't let me believe that I'm once again a bridesmaid.

I love being right. How I hope I am wrong.

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