Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Internets

Last I checked, it is full on 2012.

So there's just no possible excuse if you're a business to not have a strong presence on the Web. It's astonishing, but I admit to having worked places that didn't understand the importance of a powerful online voice.

Just looked at a job ad and couldn't find the Web site for the associated company. You've got to do your homework on a company to see if it's a good fit, you can't just willy-nilly apply for something and hope later that the marriage is going to work. This prevents you from working for Al Qaeda front groups. Or CIA front groups. Either way, do your homework.

After looking at what might be the company's Web page (the site looks shady), I'm not going to go any further down that road. Why waste my time?

Company, if you're legit, you need to scream that online. Your Web site is who you are.

You'd think that companies would get this by now. It sets off major alarms when one doesn't. Slow traffic keep right.

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